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PHYTO5® Natural Skin Care

  • Phyto5 SkinCare Wood
  • Phyto5 SkinCare Fire
  • Phyto5 SkinCare Metal
  • Phyto5 SkinCare Water
  • Phyto5 SkinCare Earth

We are currently in the "WOOD"  Spring Season ~ February 5 - April 17


PHYTO5® Swiss skincare products are vegan, plant-based and formulated in alignment with the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM): Wood, Fire, Metal, Water and Earth

They are designed to restore and maintain the body's holistic natural balance in harmony with the season and one of the five elements associated with that season.

PHYTO5® includes five elemental lines corresponding to each group of skin conditions, formulated in harmony with the energy of each energetic season.

The PHYTO5® Swiss-made energetic lines are very consciously created using blends of natural essential oils, plant extracts, minerals, antioxidants, algaes and clays–all of which contribute to rebalancing the five major skin conditions of the face and body according to the five elements in the TCM philosophy.

For balanced skin and the restoration of your innate beauty in harmony with the elements and the seasons, use the elemental line of the energetic season.

PHYTO5® is a world leader in energetic, natural, holistic skincare. Authentically Swiss.

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