Phyto 5 Facials

5 Elements 100% Naturally Certified Organic Rebalancing Facial by Phyto5.

Our holistic beauty center features skin care treatments and products from Switzerland’s Phyto5.  Phyto5 is a unique holistic method for beauty, based on the energetic principles of traditional Chinese medicine and the 5 Element theory and is also known as Energetic Skin Care.

Phyto5 has created a full line of skincare products for Face, Scalp, Body, and Bath. It received the Prize for Innovation at the Paris Beauty Show in April 1998.

Phyto5 is first and foremost a revolutionary method of looking at beauty and wellness. It aspires to anticipate, for each individual, the likely direction of the aging process and to help prevent its early aesthetic manifestations, as well as slowing down any established pattern.

Because the body is matter and energy, the unique Phyto5 method is based on the energetic principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) – the “Five Element Theory” (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water).

Phyto5 is the first to combine light therapy and lymphatic drainage with the principles of Asian energy theory within the context of the aesthetics industry. It offers a comprehensive system of methods, products, and equipment based on the 5 Element Theory. Each Element is descriptive of seasonal and individual human energy patterns. Skin conditions and body shapes also follow the 5 Element Theory. For each, there are products and protocols.

5 Elements Holistic Facial Services:

5 Elements Rebalancing Facial

Holistic Facial with Energetic Drainage (lymph drainage)

Non-Surgical Facelift (Series of 5) must be done within a two-week time frame for best results.

This facial combines the basic European treatment with a lymphatic drainage treatment, which will remove the toxins, waste material, bacteria, and excess fluid. It is completely non—invasive and leaves your skin feeling and looking healthier and more vibrant. By adding the use of energetic drainage to your facial, you will see even more dramatic results. Energetic drainage is a wonderful and beneficial pre and post-surgical treatment.

Back Facial Treatment

Phyto5 skin care treatment on the back is perfect for Brides who show off their back in their wedding gowns, men who work out and do yard work. It is also perfect for teens active in sports. Extractions are included.

"When I need time for myself, I call Di, where the atmosphere is relaxing, the soft music and low lighting take me to another land. Diane knows just what my skin needs. She does this thing with lights that relaxes me and somehow works on the chakras and balances my body. It’s what I need. Diane has my vote for best facials because she is the best."
~ Marie